Minecraft Pi Book

Minecraft Pi Book

Technology is essential for our everyday lives. Understanding technology is not only necessary for a successful career, but it is also necessary for understanding the world we live in. Programming underlies all computer technologies and learning to program is a very powerful skill.
Put simply, by creating programs we can communicate instructions to a computer. It is creative. With programming you can create nearly anything you can think of. To create a program we use a programming language.
This book provides exercises and documentation in the Python programming language. All of the exercises use Minecraft Pi on the Raspberry Pi to provide concrete and fun ways to develop programming skills. Alongside this book it is recommended that students complete the Codecademy Python track. Codecademy is an excellent resource for supporting students as they learn programming with Python. Exercises follow on from Codecademy so that students can further develop their problem solving skills and apply their knowledge in an environment that is fun and challenging.
When learning to program, developing problem solving skills is just as important as remembering a programming language.





  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Getting Started
  • 3 Python Syntax
  • 4 Maths Operations
  • 5 Strings and Console Output
  • 6 Comparators and Control Flow
  • 7 Functions
  • 8 Lists and Dictionaries
  • 9 Functions and Lists
  • 10 Loops
  • 11 Advanced Topics in Python
  • 12 Binary and Bitwise Operators
  • 13 Classes
  • 14 File Input and Output
  • 15 Error Handling
  • Appendices
  • A Checklist of Topics Covered